November 17-29 2014:

Options For Homes Cameroon was delighted to receive Madame Pat Munroe, COO of Options For Homes and Pauline Praseuth International Design and Construction Co-ordinator.

June 21 - July 12, 2014: 

Options International Coordinator Tana Tugendhat has just returned from a very productive 3 week trip in Limbe. During her stay, she supervised construction and helped to streamline and organize various tasks on site. She was very impressed by to see so much progress on site, and has sent photos back to excited purchasers of their beautiful new homes.

During Tana’s stay in Limbe, there was a meeting with Credit Foncier, the institute that will be doing the mortgage and construction financing for Ocean View Estate. Credit Foncier is currently drawing up the final paperwork, and cash flow should be available by the end of August! This is a very exciting time for the Options team in Cameroon!

Recent news

September 20, 2015:

The Options International team visited Cameroon. Monica Daga, new Options International Coordinator appreciated Options Cameroon for the welcome and progress made so far at Ocean View Estate.

October 27th 2015:

Delegates from Credit Foncier, led by the Board Chairman visited Options Cameroon Office and construction site.

The aim of the visit was for the delegates to see if what Options  has on paper is actually what is on ground, as final paper work has been approved for the signing of the Convention between Credit Foncier and Options For Homes Cameroon.

January 21st 2016:

Options For Homes Cameroon and Credit Foncier Du Cameroun finally signed a mortgage financing Convention in Limbe under the distinguished patronage of the honourable Minister of Housing and Urban Development Mr Jean Claude Mbwentchou.

This Convention offers Cameroonians at home and in the Diaspora the oppurtunity to own a property in any of Options Cameroon Development Sites in Cameroon through the mortgage financing scheme.

June 3, 2015:

Delegates from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development visited Ocean View Estate to appreciate progress of work and the way forward. This goes a long way to indicate that the government of Cameroon is ready to assist Options in its vision of making housing affordable to Cameroonians.

February 17, 2015:

French delegates visited Options Cameroon. The delegates were warmly received at Options and Limbe II council office.   

August 1 and 7,  2014:

Options For Homes Cameroon organised public Consultation meetings  at Limbe II and Limbe III councils. The aim of the meeting was to concert on the impact of the project on the environment. These meetings were very successful.

February 2017

Construction Progress continues at the  Ocean View Estate. Some of the Model homes are near completion and quality finishing materials were used.

December 13, 2014:

Options For Homes Cameroon visited two orphanges in Kumba as a demonstration of social responsibilty.

October 2014:

The homes under construction have been roofed and some window protectors have been fitted. This progress demonstrates Options commitment in making housing affordable.

July 2014: 

Therese, the Sales Coordinator at Options Cameroon has given birth to her first son, Joel-Thomas.

June 6th to June 18th 2016:

Canadian Delegates Mr Mike Labbe,the President of Options Group of Companies, Gema Rodriguez, the International Design and Construction Coordinator, Mickayla Labbe marketer at Options International and Karen Vasquez visited Options For Homes Cameroon for two weeks.

Their visit was very productive and successful as meetings were held with public authorities as well as training sessions were organized to boost the productivity of Options Cameroon sales and technical team.

May 19th  to July 2016:

Road work is on going at the Ocean View Estate. The main roads were surveyed and pegged from the extreme South to the extreme North as well as from the extreme East to the extreme West of the first 5 hectares. The roads have been bulldozed and grading is ongoing.

July 1, 2015:

Buea council staff, traditional authorities, councillors and local community were present at signing ceremony between the council and Options For Homes. Welcome to Mountain View Estate Buea.

April 5-17, 2015:

Michel Labbe CEO of Options For Homes and Pauline Praseuth International Design and Construction Co-ordinator visited  Options Cameroon for two weeks. Their visit was very successful as meetings were held with public authorities and construction team.

January 08, 2015:

The Governor of South West region Okalia Bilia visited Ocean View Estate, Limbe II council as part of his socio - economic tour in the region. The Governor was accompanied by the SDO and Dos.

January 2015:

Construction progress continues at Ocean View Estate with some homes at finishing level. The journey to home ownership with Options For Homes Cameroon is quite an amazing experience for clients and potential clients.

June 2016:

Construction is on going at Ocean View Estate. 18 homes have been constructed so far and finishing is underway.

April 28, 2015:

Credit Foncier delegates visited Options For Homes Cameroon. The team was made up of technical and financial experts. Credit Foncier of Cameroon will soon sign a convention with Options.