Be A Home Owner

Be A Home Owner


Our Payment plans are very affordable and flexible to suit every income level.

  • Visit or call the the office and fill a reservation form with the help of an assistant.
  • Reserve the home of your choice by paying your reservation fee of $100 (50.000CFA).
  • Go through the Purchase agreement and select the best payment option that is comfortable for you:

Payment Plans

  • Cash payment Plan The Purchaser pays upfront for the purchase of a home.
  • Installmental payment Plan This permits you to do gradual payments over a long period of time.
  • Mortgage Payment Plan: The financial institution provides mortgage financing to remit to the Vendor payments conforming to the Payment Schedule. With Credit Foncier Du Cameroun, the Interest rate is 5% and the Amortization period is 25 years which applies to purchasers in Cameroon and Diaspora purchasers can also benefit from Credit Foncier du Cameroon Mortgage Scheme. This payment option is most suitable for customers with stable income / salaries both in the public and private sector.

Benefits of Of Owning a Home Within Our Estate

Besides making home ownership an investment in your future it also gives you and your family a sense of stability, security and financial freedom. There are many benefits that comes with owning a home within our estates; 

  • Sense of unity and belonging to something private and exclusive.
  • Increase social welfare and help address deprivation.
  • Promotes equality among homeowners as everyone gets to enjoy the amenities offers within the estate.
  • Strong neighborhood character of family base. A great factor to raise a family.
  • Security is maximized.
  • Availability of amenities, paved roads to walk  provides opportunities for a healthy life style and accessibility to homeowners within the Estates.
  • Availability of green open space providing great scenery to homeowners and their visitors.
  • Homes are well planned, neat, organised and well maintained.
  • Property repairs and management. This is to say there are standby technicians to carry out any repairs when necessary.
  • Status, prestige and luxury.
  • Cost sharing.


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