Ocean View Estate

Location & Details

Ocean View Estate is located in the West-Coast zone of Limbe. It covers an area of 15 hectares and shares common boundaries with Chantier Naval to the West, Limbe II Municipal Office building to the South and the Mokundange Village New Layout to the East. It is characterized by gentle slopes and is relatively flat in some parts of the estate. It is OHHCOOP’s first development in Cameroon and is conceived as a modern, medium density mixed income community.


The estate is readily accessible from several parts of Limbe but the primary access to it is the Mile two (2) SONARA West Coast highway. It has an excellent view of SONARA, the Bota-islands and the ocean view, depicting its uniqueness. The Estate is accessible to the market, schools,hospitals, and government offices. 


Our estates offer 2-5 bedrooms bungalows, townhouses and duplexes with the following features and amenities:

  • – Tree line roads.
  • – Paved side walks
  • – Playground for active recreation
  • – Health center
  • – Community market Center
  • – Private parking for detached Homes
  • – Community Hall
  • – 24hours security
  • – Two way entrance.
  • – Green space for esthetics.

Community Evolution

The Estate is to evolve a community structure that will be self-sufficient especially with respect to the provision of social, cultural and community maintenance needs. More fundamentally, in the third face the estate will provide community facilities recreational center for kids, health center, food market etc . It is to integrate the Ocean View Estate into the overall socio-cultural and economic structure of the municipality in which it is situated and the Limbe City as a whole.


More than 300 parking lots available in the estate. The parking is available 24/7 with 24hours security.

Launching Of OV Estate By Governor Of South West

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